The storage of resonance wood (fir, silver fir, cedar)


The specialist of our enterprise Vladimir Marchenko had finded the location of unique resonance wood (fir, silver fir, cedar) in Republic of Buryatia. The uniqueness consists in the fact that its acoustical constant is 13-15 units, whereas the acoustical constant of the main manufacturers from resonance wood of the USA and Canada is 12 units.


Ltd. “Prometey” is ready to do lumbering of the resonance fir, silver fir, cedar in these regions of Republic of Buryatia with the assistance of the department of economic affairs and the republican agency of Republic of Buryatia by the demand of musical factories which need the unique production of the resonance board of the radial cut with the defined specification, prices and volumes.


The unique resonance properties of wood are defined and confirmed by the Geological Institute of Republic of Buryatia.


We are ready to negotiate a long-term contract on the delivery of production – the resonance board of the radial cut.


The contact person for negotiation:


Olga Zanadvorova, General director,


Office № 34, 9 - 14 Sakhyanova Street, Ulan-Ude,

Republic of Buryatia 670047, Russia


fax/tel +7(3012)41-77-33



Skype: zonpatriot